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My friend, welcome to my home.


On the bare, brick walls hang copper pots and pans from my parents kitchen in Rome. The very kitchen where I first experienced how food, how true hospitality, can make a person feel. And for you, I want this same feeling of warmth, comfortability, and, of course, happiness. To give this to you, is a gift for me.


Each day when I step into this room, where the soft music bounces off dark, rich timber, and the scent of fresh ingredients waft in from the kitchen, I am home. For me, life is simple, and good food and wine should be simple. Our menu uses fresh, traditional Italian produce put together with a little panache’, a trait Inherited from my father, Pino, whom this restaurant is named after. Our cocktails are spirited and constructed with pride. Our wine, of course, is Italian - generous, full, and bold.


I truly hope our food and our hospitality make you feel at home, among good friends.


con amore,


Matteo Margiotta, Owner and Friend.

Our Menu

Cracking bar tabac / restaurant tucked away in a side street in Alexandria. It feels like you could be anywhere in Spain or Italy. Very atmospheric. Great wine list, and although the menu is small the quality of food is fantastic. Thoroughly recommend.

FWhat a magnificent surprise! This restaurant is a real hidden gem. The food was absolute delicious, classic Italian flavors with a modern twist. The cocktail and wine list is extensive. The restaurant centres around a classic, well stocked timber bar and the place oozes low-lit ambience. Definitely our new favourite restaurant for date night.

We love it here - it's one of our favourite local restaurants. The menu changes seasonally, you can really tell they put a lot of thought and love into their food. Wine is delicious, ambience is great, love the decor - oh, and the cocktails are AMAZING! It's on the pricey side - but if you compare it with say, Fratelli Fresh (also in Alexandria), Pino's is SO MUCH BETTER. Cost is similar but food at Pino's is at a much higher level (Fratelli doesn't even make their own pasta). Highly recommend and importantly, support small business!

Food was delicious but menu is limited, which I believe is a great thing. Do less but do it well! Wine list however is extensive. Definitely a great place that I will be returning to... Often.

Great restaurant, need to book well in advance for a table on Friday/Saturday, but worth the wait. Parking after 6 pm is free. Absolutely the best, most polished dinner experience in ages. Cocktails were divine, appetizers were perfect. Tasty but not too much, and our pasta was smooth and robust, followed by the most intensely grilled Fiorentina steak with roasted truffle potato and duck fat... made me cry so good. The whole staff clearly loves the food, and we loved the whole dinner based on their recommendations. Not stuffy, just really really great food and atmosphere, the roman owner made us feel like we were back in Rome in one of the beautiful backstreet restaurants! Amazing authentic Italian restaurant! This is definitely where the locals eat!

Italian is my favourite cousins of all and I’ve tried hundreds of Italian restaurants in Sydney, Melbs, New York, Las Vegas, London and Italy itself. Pino’s Vino e Cucina is definitely sits in my best Top 3! We came with a group of 8 and shared plenty of menu: cheese, prosciutto, truffle pecorino, buffalo mozzarella with pickled rockmelon and tomatoes, fantastic tuna tartare, extraordinary Pino’s Pate, delicious rigatoni lamb ragú and special of the day pumpkin risotto. We couldn’t say no to deserts - right choice :) Rest assured The Tiramisu is the best I’ve ever tried!!!! All group absolutely enjoyed the ambience, music, excellent service, superior wines. We’ll be back! Thank you Pino team for making our evening even more memorable

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